Key reasons why you should use OmniMACS

Many projects and businesses fail to reach their full potential due to unprofessional or ineffective communication & marketing strategies.

This is usually due to a combination of three main reasons:

  • DIY - Amateurish, inefficient websites and badly written or unimaginative content will almost certainly have a negative impact on your project, brand or business. Time and energy wasted that should have been spent on your core business, YOUR area of expertise. Trying to save a few cents can cost you a lot in the long run.
  • Burning money - There are a number of very expensive agencies out there for those who can afford it. This is usually not a viable option for smaller companies or individual projects, since it makes basic business sense to keep expenses in line with growth. Splashing out on expensive media services, often an overkill for smaller projects, is a sure way to start your business in the red.
  • Lack of insight - Invariably the website developers, copywriters or marketing consultants you can afford, are specialists only in their specific field, which means you have to pay two or more entities to get the job done. This can work out expensive as well as time consuming. Even more important is the fact that most marketing or communication service providers have no specialised business background. That may translate into inefficient or ineffective outcomes.

Our multi-disciplinary background adds substance and insight to our services.

OmniMACS is dedicated to solving one of the major challenges facing individual projects and small to medium enterprises: how to communicate with your target audience in an affordable, but highly effective manner.

An important factor that sets us apart from other marketing, administration and communication service providers is that we have proven business leadership and operational management experience. Our extensive background at senior level in various industries gives us a unique advantage to create optimal solutions for your business or project.

Our writing, editing, research and data visualisation skills were honed in areas as diverse as online media, corporate communication and independent journalism. That comprehensive experience enables us to produce content that is not merely grammar and syntax compliant, but also imaginative, insightful and effective.

When it comes to web development, our extensive project management experience dictates a disciplined approach based on best business practices. Therefore our expertise is based on continuous research and rigorous testing, in order to deliver websites and other digital applications that combine optimal efficiency with great affordability.

Our agile and flexible approach means that we can quickly adapt to your budget and specific needs.

At OmniMACS we are dedicated to empowering business and project owners to make the best possible decisions with regards to their marketing, administration and communication needs. We prefer to first listen carefully to what potential clients require and get to know their businesses before we offer a range of appropriate options with their respective benefits. In short, we do not dictate solutions to our clients, we collaborate with them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We are constantly evolving, so if you need a service or solution that is not clearly defined on this website, please let us know and we will do our best to either help you ourselves or otherwise refer your to the best possible service provider.

It is also worth mentioning that our quotes are not necessarily set in stone. We do welcome a reasonable conversation about payment options for our services.

Our focus is firmly on small-to-medium businesses and individual projects.

We believe that a thriving economy is based on the success of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating within it. Our past experience with business development projects has proven that with the right support SMEs can excel within their chosen fields. That is why we are dedicated to understanding the marketing, administration and communication challenges facing SMEs and creating optimal solutions to those challenges.

At OmniMACS we do not chase after big corporate accounts which means that you and your business/project will always receive priority attention from us.

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