Your website is virtual real estate

Building and maintaining an effective online presence has become more crucial than ever.

South Africa's fast growing internet population reached 14 million in 2013, of whom 60% accessed the internet regularly via cell phones. According to the World Bank every 10% increase in mobile penetration, leads to a corresponding 0.8% increase in gross domestic product, a fact that also has big implications for your business.

Your website is virtual real estate. Just like your business premises or home, its appearance and user friendliness will have an effect on visitors. Sloppy, generic or amateurish websites chase potential clients away and devalue your brand.

If your goal is to engage potential clients on a professional level there are some important factors to take into account. Website visitors expect a smooth user experience and clear communication that highlights your brand, product or service.

What your website visitors want:

  • responsive design - does your website look equally good on a smartphone, tablet and desktop?
  • cross browser compatibility - does your website render properly on different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc)?
  • fast page loading time - does your slow website chase potential clients away?
  • ease of navigation - how easy is it to find different sections of your website?
  • layout and design - does the design reflect your brand in a positive way, and does the layout make it easy for visitors to read and interact with the content?
  • original, professional and useful content - is your website informative and well written?

What a website owner needs:

  • traffic - is your website prominent in search results within your field?
  • interaction - are visitors able to comment on, recommend and share your content?
  • measurable outcomes - how easy is it to track visitor numbers, sales and other statistics?
  • security - is your website safe from hacking or crashing?
  • maintenance - how easy is it to update or upgrade your site?
  • posting - how easy is it to post new content or add new users?
  • conversion - is your sales function (e-commerce) reliable and low maintenance?
  • scalability - can your site adapt effortlessly to increased demand and traffic?

The vast majority of business websites in South Africa do not deliver on most of the above minimum expectations. That means a huge opportunity for those business owners who are prepared to invest in their digital footprint: websites, social media, etc.

OmniMACS is uniquely qualified to supercharge your digital footprint with powerful, but affordable websites and superior content that will enhance your business, brand or project.

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